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ZIW 2019 Sessions

Sessions at a Glance for Thursday, October 17, 2019

Marked sessions will be either presented in English or will have simultaneous interpretation services provided

Hall A

09:40 Gunma University

Autonomous driving system using the MBD methodology


Approaches to MBSE as Systems Engineering for an automotive part supplier

11:50 Hitachi, Ltd.

Hitachi’s innovative production system leveraging digital data, which is called “Assembling navigation”, and VR

13:25 SEMCO LTD.

Modular Design-based product development and design automation of E3.series

14:30 Zuken Inc.

Present cabling design and proactive moves in the IoT era
– from in-device to in-plant cabling

15:35 LG Electronics Inc.

Establishment of electrical design environment introducing CR-8000 and DS-CR and future moves

16:40 innovative DESIGN LLC

How can we practice a systems engineering, MBSE, in the actual development process?

17:35Cocktail party : for customers, presenters, and Zuken staff.
.Please feel free to join this party.

Hall B

09:40 Zuken Inc.

Vision and roadmap of Zuken Automotive and Machinery


Improvements of electrical control designs using E3.series

11:50 Vitech Corporation

What is a genuine systems engineering? What is MBSE?

13:25 GHELIA

Future electrical design emerging from the actual use cases of AI which is gaining momentum of social implementation

14:30 Viasat Inc.

Solving Complex Satellite Communication Board Design Challenges with CR-8000

15:35 GLORY LTD.

Integrated design environment by introducing E3.series and in-house customization for efficiency

16:40 Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Technological innovation demanded for improving performance in EV and autonomous driving

Sessions at a Glance for Friday, October 18, 2019

Marked sessions will be either presented in English or will have simultaneous interpretation services provided

Hall A

09:40 Shizuoka University

Leveraging SI/PI/EMI simulation and AI

10:45 Hitachi,Ltd.

Large-scale SoC package development using CR-8000 Design Force


Power OverLay (POL) design using the next generation packaging technology, and CR-8000

13:25 Murata Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Approaches to improving the upstream power module development process by utilizing Model-Based Design

14:30 Renesas Electronics Corporation

Problems happen in the design field: Solving various trade-off problems by leveraging LSI/PKG co-design

15:35 Oki Printed Circuits Co.,Ltd.

About Diang Long, the core of unified design environment and quality assur-ance in Design Force and other CADs

16:40 OSRAM Continental GmbH

Operating Zuken CR-8000 and DS-CR in a Cloud Based Virtual IT Infrastructure – Challenges and Opportunities

17:15 Cocktail party : for customers, presenters, and Zuken staff.
.Please feel free to join this party.

Hall B

09:40 Zuken Inc.

Vision and roadmap of Zuken EDA/PLM

10:45 KYOCERA Corporation

Kyocera’s approach to 5G product development

11:50 Business Engineering Corporation & Zuken PreSight Inc.

[Panel Discussion] A joint venture (JV) blending design and production through IT, DiverSync Corp., and now of the company

13:25 Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX Co., Ltd.

Construction of a design environment platform for design efficiency and knowledge sharing

14:30 Mazda Motor Corporation

Mazda’s simulation for Model-Based Development (MBD) methodology

15:35 Continental Teves AG & Co. oHG

Electronic Design Tools at Continental

16:40 Panasonic Corporation

Leveraging the CR-8000 analysis platform

Alliance Partners’ Sessions and Booths

CAE and other venders delivered presentations and showcase for new product, success stories and demonstrations.

Analog Devices, Inc.
Aras Japan G.K.
Cybernet Systems Co., Ltd.
Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd. (iSiD)
Murata Software Co., Ltd.
National Instruments Japan Corporation
Noise Laboratory Co.,Ltd.

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