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Thank you for attending Zuken Innovation World 2023 YOKOHAMA!

Zuken Innovation World 2023 in Yokohama was an exceptional gathering on October 12 and 13, showcasing the latest advancements in technology. Our heartfelt thanks go to Panasonic, Sandia National Lab, and other esteemed customers for sharing invaluable presentations that enriched the event.

The conference spotlighted two key areas: next-generation semiconductors and Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). Notably, our multinational clients and technology partners presented their exclusive case studies, offering their valuable insights rarely heard in other forums.The positive feedback from attendees underscored the significance and impact of these discussions.

We appreciate the active participation of all attendees, fostering a dynamic environment for knowledge exchange. Looking ahead, we invite you to join us again at Zuken Innovation World 2024 for more in-depth insights and collaborative opportunities.

What’s ZIW?

Zuken Innovation World (ZIW) is the Zuken series of annual conferences that takes place at different venues around the globe.

ZIW is held at the following locations: Yokohama (Japan), Scottsdale, Arizona (USA), Bologna (Italy), Paris Massy (France), Lucern (Switzerland), Seeheim-Jugenheim (Germany) and Birmingham (United Kingdom).

About ZIW Japan

The ZIW 2023 in Japan welcomed 750+ people from 290+ companies across various industries that were keen to hear state-of-the-art solutions and their related case studies from top players in Japan and around the world.

ZIW JAPAN by the numbers [data is from ZIW Japan 2023]

Number of Attendees

*(2015) Special ZIW for 40th anniversary of Zuken

*(2023) Online Event ZUKEN digital SESSIONS 2023 at the same time(770+ viewers

Attendees by Industry

  • Business Equipment 20%

  • Industrial Automation and Machinery 14%

  • Automotive Electronics 13%

  • Electronic Components 11%

  • Consumer Electronics 10%

  • Automotive 8%

  • Medical 4%

  • Aerospace and Defense 3%

  • Design House and EMS 13%

  • Other 4%

Attendees are distributed across multiple industries

Attendees by Job Category

  • Design 44%

  • Design Management 24%

  • IT 10%

  • Engineering Management 7%

  • Corporate Executive 6%

  • Marketing Sales 5%

  • Other 4%

Designers account for 40%+ of our Attendees


・13 case studies, 5 of these are from companies outside of Japan.
・Simultaneous interpretation service is provided for some of the sessions
・20+ exhibition booths by Zuken and partners

For the latest information, go to the ZIW Program page


Voice of Attendees

94%+ of attendees plan to attend the next ZIW

“Helped us to know how we specifically used MBSE and what benefits we received.
It was easy to grasp the image of its application in our company.”

[Consumer Electronics]

“Got a clearer picture of the purpose of MBSE and the full scope of its utilization.
I would like to further understand the essential aspects of MBSE and consider how to apply it to our own business so that we do not confuse the purpose with the means.”

[Automotive Electronics]

“Inspired by many excellent case studies. I think that the number of interesting programs is increasing year by year.”
[Technical development manager, Disaster prevention equipment manufacturer]

“User workshop was very meaningful. I want to participate that next year too.”
[Image equipment manufacturer]

“It was very good opportunity to learn wide range of the latest technology trends in the world”
[Control equipment manufacturer]

“Please keep providing your product roadmap, case study and up-to-date information that will be a great insights”
[Precision instruments manufacturer]

“Volume and contents of the event are satisfactory for a user.”
[Communication equipment manufacturer]


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