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Zuken announces that it has decided to cancel the “Zuken Innovation World Yokohama” for 2020 from the standpoint of preventing the further spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic and putting the health and safety of the customers, employees and related staff first. It has also canceled the E3. series and Cabling Designer Users Conferences which are usually held at the same time.

Zuken is currently planning ways to stream a part of this year’s program online. Details will be provided as soon as they are decided. In 2021, Zuken plans to hold the “Zuken Innovation World Yokohama” as usual.

Zuken sincerely regrets not being able to hold this conference, which has been providing valuable opportunities each year for many of our customers to visit us and to engage in meaningful discussions among customers as well as with our employees. However, because we are in such extreme circumstances, we hope to promote various initiatives to further deepen our communications with our customers.

Please be aware that when considering our products, Zuken is ready to provide seminars, meetings, test drives, demonstrations, etc. online. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact our sales staff.
We offer our heartfelt apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused our valued customers who had been looking forward to this event.

What’s ZIW?

Zuken Innovation World (ZIW) is the Zuken series of annual conferences that takes place at different venues around the globe.

ZIW is held at the following locations: Yokohama (Japan), Hilton Head Island (South Carolina, USA), Bologna (Italy), Disney (France), Feusisberg/Zurich (Switzerland), Frankfurt (Germany) and Coventry (United Kingdom).

About ZIW Japan

ZIW Japan started as Zuken’s private event for our customers in 1991. Thanks to the passionate support from our attendees, we have been able to continuely provide an ever enriching environment for the audience year after year.

The previous ZIW in Japan welcomed 1,700+ people from 550+ companies across various industries that were keen to hear state-of-the-art solutions and their related case studies from top players in Japan and around the world.

We are proud of ZIW Japan, which is perceived as one of the largest and premium conferences in Japan both for engineers and top executives in the electric and electronics business fields. ZIW Japan provides a precious opportunity for networking and to exchange views with key persons across various industries and from around the world (Korea, Taiwan, China, Europe and USA).

ZIW JAPAN by the numbers [data is from ZIW Japan 2018]

Number of Attendees

*(2015) Special ZIW for 40th anniversary of Zuken

Attendees by Industry

  • Machinery 27%

  • Automotive 22%

  • Consumer Electronics 10%

  • LSI and Electronic Component 9%

  • Healthcare 3%

  • Design House and EMS 18%

  • Other 11%

Attendees are distributed across multiple industries

Attendees by Job Category

  • Design 51%

  • Design Management 8%

  • Engineering Management 8%

  • IT 7%

  • Marketing Sales 8%

  • Corporate Executive 4%

  • Other 14%

Designers account for 50%+ of our Attendees


・17 case studies, 7 of these are from companies outside of Japan.
・Simultaneous interpretation service is provided for some of the sessions
・20+ exhibition booths by Zuken and partners

For the latest information, go to the ZIW Program page


Voice of Attendees

94%+ of attendees plan to attend the next ZIW

“Inspired by many excellent case studies. I think that the number of interesting programs is increasing year by year.”
[Technical development manager, Disaster prevention equipment manufacturer]

“User workshop was very meaningful. I want to participate that next year too.”
[Image equipment manufacturer]

“It was very good opportunity to learn wide range of the latest technology trends in the world”
[Control equipment manufacturer]

“Please keep providing your product roadmap, case study and up-to-date information that will be a great insights”
[Precision instruments manufacturer]

“Volume and contents of the event are satisfactory for a user.”
[Communication equipment manufacturer]


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